Posted on Sun 10 January 2016

it might be workflow

After whining on my blog about not updating my blog (please nominate this for the Early 21st Century Problems Only A Certain Small Group of People Can Have Award) I decided that maybe I was totally wrong.

I played around with Pelican themes, picked something reasonably sedate with very little color, added my tao icon (for my main server, named tao since time immemorial or at least a decade or so), and started mucking with configuration bits in Python to get the tags working. Turns out the category system does not do what I want at all, but tags are peachy.

Then I added user friendly features to the Makefile. Please nominate that sentence for another prize. Automatic population of headers, less fussy filenames, let the computer do what computers are good at sort of thing.

Finally I cut a step out of the deployment process and made it about forty times faster.

Will it work? Will I write more blog entries, now that I have futzed with the mechanics enough?


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