Posted on Wed 27 January 2016

quote of note

1 The DOCUMENTATION is my guide; I shall not wonder. 2 It maketh me to understand the necessary concepts; It leadeth me through the installation process. 3 It reassureth me; It leadeth me on the happy path for my desired objectives. 4 Yea, though I work through the advanced configuration menus, I will fear no failures, for thou art with me Thy FAQ and thy troubleshooting they comfort me. 5 Thou providest examples to me in the context of mine use cases. Thou explainest my expected outcomes. My results are perfect. 6 Surely good performance and stability will persist throughout the system life And it will run within the parameters of the DOCUMENTATION forever.

author: Abi Sutherland at Making Light

Possibly one in a continuing series. Possibly not.

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