Posted on Thu 11 August 2016

optimizing for the wrong thing

I just read about Seagate’s forthcoming 60TB SSD and Toshiba’s 100TB SSD.

Gee, that’s a lot of storage. For now. (Review again in ten years, when you have a pair of 100TB solid-state disks in RAID1 on your desktop.)

Supposing that they have up-to-the-minute SAS 4 controllers they can be filled at 2.4GB per second, or a little over 7 hours.

In a typical 2U 12-slot chassis, you’ll run either mirroring (50% capacity) or 3-parity RAID6 (75% capacity). Mirroring is better for recovery and random access, multiparity RAID is better for disk price/capacity optimization. These disks are expensive and natively fast, so the multiparity RAID is probably good enough even for weird random access scenarios.

It still costs $24,000 for the disks to put in your $3-10K server.

You’ve got a lot of data there. How long do you suppose it will take to find the thing you’re looking for in a haystack that size?

Doubtless there are businesses that need this, and more that will need it, but also there will be a bunch of these sold to people who just want the biggest fastest shiniest ‘best’.

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