Posted on Thu 28 June 2018


We’re moving the corporate headquarters from Cambridge to Boston. Rent in Kendall Square is up to Manhattan levels, and despite two rounds of looking for new places in Cambridge, we need to go over the bridge.

This is the fifth or sixth move I’ve been part of. When your company is profitable but not a super-profitable growth giant, having a good space to work in is difficult, but not difficult enough to make it impossible. You can’t afford to buy real estate, and you’re not big enough to make a landlord drool. On the other hand, this is a seven year lease, and we have full rights to sublet. If we become a big success, someone will want the space and we won’t lose money on the deal.

We’ve collectively decided that we don’t trust the movers with our plants. The office plants are all personal property of various employees, and we’re quite attached to them. My two jade plants were once a single tiny jade in a 1 quart flower-pot. My mother gave it to me when I went off to college, and I’ve had it ever since. When the leaves start getting thin and wrinkly, I water thoroughly – about a quart at a time per plant, these days – and then they go back to being happy.

This office has been my work home for the last six years. I’ve been packing things into shipping crates, throwing away junk, recycling paper – but the lack of jades sitting by the window is a problem. In the space of a minute, it transformed from being my comfortable workspace to just another office.

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