Posted on Sat 04 August 2018

kitchen philosophy

Gas ranges have the UNIX nature: they are powerful, can be controlled precisely, and if you only half-know what you are doing, it’s possible to blow up your house. If you do know what you’re doing, nearly any problem can be solved by taking it apart and cleaning things or replacing components.

Electric ranges are like Windows: they might eventually do the thing they’re supposed to do, but it’s hard to control them, there is a propensity to wildly oversteer, and you really don’t get the same power. If it breaks in a way that requires you to diagnose what went wrong and fix a part, it may be cheaper and will certainly be faster to buy a new one.

Induction ranges are like Macs: there’s a simple control, it’s reasonably powerful, and if you don’t buy the right hardware it won’t work at all. Some problems are easy to solve, and others are a result of the design and you just aren’t allowed to fix them.

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