Posted on Tue 28 August 2018

food at my workplace

I work at a small technology company, recently moved from Cambridge to Boston. The new landlords were a little surprised that we wanted to expand the kitchen. This is what we normally supply to our employees and guests:

We have an espresso machine (and will teach you how to use it), a drip machine, a French press, a coffee grinder, a rotating selection of coffees including decaf in the freezer, about twenty kinds of tea/herbal tea/tisanes…

and a refrigerator stocked with skim milk, whole milk, half-and-half, heavy cream (usually), lemon juice, lime juice, soy and/or almond milk, a large variety of yogurts, cheeses (usually including very old Cheddars and an interesting Blue), and flavored sparkling water. Countertop hot-and-cold filtered water.

In the other fridge are lunch makings of various kinds, suitable for sandwiches, salads, plates…

In the cabinets, cereals, peanut butter, almond butter, preserves, six or seven kinds of nuts.

On the counter: spices and seasonings, fresh fruit, fresh breads, and frequently cakes, chips and/or cookies.

Also, chocolate drawers. It’s all good stuff.

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