Posted on Fri 02 August 2019

lifecycle of a technical blogger

/785 days ago:/

First post. I should tell you a little bit about myself… blah, blah, blah, so I set up this wordpress account. I plan on updating once a week or so.

/784 days ago:/

I solved this obscure technical problem with a for-loop in bash. Now, the syntax always escapes me, so here it is again…

/753 days ago:/

I didn’t realize how expensive WordPress was going to be, so I switched over to Google’s free blogger service. I’m going to try really hard to hit my target of one post a week.

/746 days ago:/

OMG you need to stop using Big Bank right now! Here are the details of the massive breach that I heard about today (h-t to…

/731 days ago:/

Google just announced that this service is going away in three months, so I need to find an alternative. Anybody know something cheap but reliable?

/652 days ago:/

First post on Medium. Hey guys I tried to transfer over all the previous entries but it didn’t work, so I’ve got a Ghost instance running over at…

/629 days ago:/

I realized that Medium is making money with ads that I don’t control, and frankly they really aren’t good ads, and I already set up Ghost, so I’m going to move everything over there.

/584 days ago:/

Ghost raised their prices, I’m going to grab a virtual machine and run my own copy. This will also offer me the opportunity to learn more about running Linux systems.

/451 days ago:/

I burnt everything to the ground, but I’ve got backups, so I’m going to start again with a static site generator. It looks like Jekyll is the way to go.

/355 days ago:/

Jekyll is so inflexible. It only took a day to move everything over to Octopress.

/354 days ago:/

Octopress is basically unsupported. I don’t know anything about Go, but it seems like a cool language – I’m going to move over to Hugo, just as soon as I can figure it out.

/315 days ago:/

Hugo is really fast, but I basically can’t change anything because I have to reinstall my go environment every time I want to do anything.

/312 days ago:/

Pelican looks good.

/295 days ago:/

Using a new theme, haven’t decided if I like it yet or not.

/292 days ago:/

Back to the old theme while I write my own.

/258 days ago:/

This is version 0.41 of the new theme. I think it’s ready for use.

/220 days ago:/

Wrestling with plugins.

/142 days ago:/ Gosh, I haven’t updated this in a while.

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