Posted on Wed 03 July 2024

specialized toy geometry notes

A nominally 8-wide LEGO Speed Champions vehicle is actually 8.5 studs wide, due to the overhang of the wheel arches. Said arches are 4 studs long. The space between them can reasonably range from 6 studs (very short) to 9 studs (very long) and is typically 7 studs long; sometimes 8.

The rear overhang is generally 1 to 2 studs long. The front overhang is 1 to 4 studs long. This gives an overall length for the car ranging from 1+4+6+4+1 = 16 studs to 2+4+9+4+4 = 23 studs long.

The Mercedes AMG G63 is an outlier and should not be counted.


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