I get spam

Mon 08 June 2020

how to make mass modifications in LDAP

Thu 28 May 2020

things to check

Fri 15 May 2020

email disclaimers: even when they improve, they fail

Fri 17 April 2020

secure-ish DNS for small environments

Thu 12 March 2020

the stale config bug

Sat 22 February 2020

two new Debian installs on Ryzen

Sun 26 January 2020

forked-daapd v27 now works well enough for me

Sun 29 December 2019

As of version 27, forked-daapd works well enough for my purposes.

forked-daapd is an audio streaming server and webclient for same; it offers compatibility with:

  • iTunes and Rhythmbox clients
  • AirPlay speakers, including Shairport
  • Chromecast
  • MPD clients
  • any mp3 stream client, like VLC
  • Roku Soundbridge

Of these, you can no longer …

focus on the problem

Thu 19 December 2019

new-to-me laptop

Wed 27 November 2019

how to solve a Fermi problem

Fri 08 November 2019

A lot of annoying irrelevant interview questions are Fermi questions. (Enrico Fermi was a famous nuclear physicist.) A Fermi question is one where there's some real answer that you could get by carrying out an arduous and possibly ridiculous procedure, but making a good guess and showing your work will …

systemd to sysvinit: why so slow?

Tue 05 November 2019

no reply considered harmful

Wed 30 October 2019

new phone, who dis

Tue 29 October 2019

easy, cheap, good

Sun 06 October 2019

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