on the spontaneous use of statistics

Sat 14 April 2018

engineering management advice

Sat 07 April 2018

zfs internal error

Wed 28 March 2018

quote of the day n+1th

Wed 14 March 2018

the cost of GPL is not in dollars

Wed 28 February 2018

revisiting Google Fi

Wed 21 February 2018

This is the end of my second year as a Google Fi subscriber.

TL;DR: I’m keeping this service and I recommend it for people who are happy with the limited phone selection.

About a year ago, I wrote about Fi. This is the update.

Average price per month, exclusive of the phone: $30.24. This includes unlimited voice calls and texts, and data paid for at the rate of $10 per GB, accounted for at the megabyte level - one cent per megabyte.

I have not paid for a new phone in that time, but when I complained about …

time is not money

Tue 16 January 2018

books at year end

Wed 27 December 2017

a most important job

Thu 21 December 2017

do not drink and sysadmin

Tue 12 December 2017

neutral restructuring

Thu 23 November 2017

wireguard setup

Sun 12 November 2017

Wireguard is a new open source VPN system being initially developed on Linux. I have two major use cases for such a thing: site-to-site protection, and backhauling traffic from a laptop or phone to my house.

Wireguard’s differentiators:

  • Small codebase, because there are very few options. For example, there is only one key exchange method and only one encryption method.

  • It uses a virtual network interface, wg0, rather than the exciting and hard to debug policy routing that IPsec usually wants.

  • Very little configuration possible, so very little is needed.

  • Performance is already higher than OpenVPN and IPsec on …

Mac OS X DNS prefers IPv6

Sat 28 October 2017

switching ISPs

Wed 04 October 2017

technology maturity

Thu 07 September 2017

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