low power cpus

Wed 15 May 2019

leaving Amazon reviews: a policy

Wed 17 April 2019

minimum awesome product

Fri 22 March 2019

dominant data formats

Thu 21 March 2019

technology marches onwards

Tue 26 February 2019

new tagline

Wed 06 February 2019

it seemed reasonable at the time

Sat 02 February 2019

how much memory do you need?

Tue 22 January 2019

linux install: HP Envy 13z

Sat 15 December 2018

the difference between peak and sustained usage

Wed 12 December 2018

cycle of reincarnation

Sat 17 November 2018

search engines extend your brain

Mon 05 November 2018

hyperoptimizing idiots

Fri 02 November 2018

advice on buying firewall hardware

Mon 22 October 2018

Several people have asked me recently what hardware I would buy today for use as a home firewall.

for a total of $176, including shipping. Links were accurate as of October 22, 2018.

This gets you a tiny box, similar in size to random commercial house router/firewall/wifi access points, which can run a standard Linux operating system with a complex firewall running at 1 Gb/s in and out, more RAM than strictly necessary, and an SSD which is both very large (and therefore can last a very long time) and boot the system quickly enough that you can do a reboot without losing TCP sessions.

I would also recommend a medium-sized USB thumb drive to set up as an emergency booting and backup device. Call it another $15 or so.

FIOS one year later

Sat 20 October 2018

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