revisiting Google Fi

Wed 21 February 2018

time is not money

Tue 16 January 2018

books at year end

Wed 27 December 2017

a most important job

Thu 21 December 2017

do not drink and sysadmin

Tue 12 December 2017

neutral restructuring

Thu 23 November 2017

wireguard setup

Sun 12 November 2017

Wireguard is a new open source VPN system being initially developed on Linux. I have two major use cases for such a thing: site-to-site protection, and backhauling traffic from a laptop or phone to my house.

Wireguard's differentiators:

  • Small codebase, because there are very few options. For example, there is …

Mac OS X DNS prefers IPv6

Sat 28 October 2017

switching ISPs

Wed 04 October 2017

technology maturity

Thu 07 September 2017


Wed 06 September 2017

naming knives

Thu 10 August 2017

the courage of convictions: competition

Thu 10 August 2017


Fri 21 July 2017

you cannot outsource your core competency

Thu 13 July 2017

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