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security analogy

Sun 21 July 2024

it was magic all along

Fri 31 May 2024

new mouse report

Mon 11 March 2024

belts and suspenders at home

Mon 04 March 2024

the two most common fail-to-post errors

Wed 07 February 2024

prediction scoring

Thu 14 December 2023

In May of 2022, I made a few predictions about US politics

Here’s the meat:

 Assuming that the opinion is issued substantially as-is, I will make some predictions about 2023.
 ‘Red’ states will pass laws restricting basic civil rights...  
 Corporations that rely on high-skill workers will not be able to hire them in those states.
    Those corporations will move out of the red states.

pareidolia but for meaningfulness

Sat 18 November 2023

750 chars: security re-org

Fri 22 September 2023

words about my mother

Tue 05 September 2023

house network 2023

Fri 18 August 2023

learning opportunity: LLM

Fri 18 August 2023

one of the one true ways of ops

Wed 26 July 2023

quote of note n=11: copyright

Mon 10 July 2023

desktop audio update

Sun 09 July 2023

sacrificial jacks

Wed 28 June 2023

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