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belts and suspenders at home

Mon 04 March 2024

pareidolia but for meaningfulness

Sat 18 November 2023

learning opportunity: LLM

Fri 18 August 2023

models of language vs models of reality

Mon 20 March 2023

minimalism is an affectation of the wealthy

Thu 23 February 2023

perfectly willing to believe

Sat 18 June 2022

log more on failure than success

Fri 25 February 2022

recovery from audiophilia

Mon 16 August 2021


Tue 12 January 2021

what software does a firewall run, anyway?

Fri 11 September 2020

quoting myself, part n+3

Thu 10 September 2020

quote of the day entry n+1

Wed 15 July 2020

focus on the problem

Thu 19 December 2019

easy, cheap, good

Sun 06 October 2019

why computer security is terrible, a partial explanation

Fri 21 September 2018

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