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quote of the day entry n+1

Wed 15 July 2020

the internet is railways, not highways

Tue 16 June 2020

why perl is the best language

Mon 08 June 2020

I get spam

Mon 08 June 2020

how to make mass modifications in LDAP

Thu 28 May 2020

secure-ish DNS for small environments

Thu 12 March 2020

the stale config bug

Sat 22 February 2020

forked-daapd v27 now works well enough for me

Sun 29 December 2019

As of version 27, forked-daapd works well enough for my purposes.

forked-daapd is an audio streaming server and webclient for same; it offers compatibility with:

  • iTunes and Rhythmbox clients
  • AirPlay speakers, including Shairport
  • Chromecast
  • MPD clients
  • any mp3 stream client, like VLC
  • Roku Soundbridge

Of these, you can no longer …

focus on the problem

Thu 19 December 2019

new-to-me laptop

Wed 27 November 2019

systemd to sysvinit: why so slow?

Tue 05 November 2019

new phone, who dis

Tue 29 October 2019

easy, cheap, good

Sun 06 October 2019

bad cable, no biscuit

Tue 20 August 2019

spinning disks are still cost-effective

Fri 12 July 2019

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