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can we rebuild Usenet on top of blogs?

Thu 23 June 2022

log more on failure than success

Fri 25 February 2022

smart homes are still for tinkers

Thu 17 February 2022

in 2022 there are no slow computers

Thu 10 February 2022

It is 2022. There are no slow computers1. There is a lot of slow software.

reliable indicators of trouble

Mon 20 December 2021

smoothest pelican upgrade yet

Wed 27 October 2021

an element of style

Sat 11 September 2021

recovery from audiophilia

Mon 16 August 2021

that should not go there

Sat 19 June 2021

where the cloud came from

Sun 25 April 2021

make systemd journald dump to rsyslogd

Wed 21 April 2021

advanced technology

Wed 14 April 2021

quote: outsourcing risk

Wed 10 March 2021

how to add DNS/TLS to your existing DNS server

Thu 18 February 2021

Apple M1 MBP micro-review

Wed 17 February 2021

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