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that should not go there

Sat 19 June 2021

where the cloud came from

Sun 25 April 2021

make systemd journald dump to rsyslogd

Wed 21 April 2021

advanced technology

Wed 14 April 2021

quote: outsourcing risk

Wed 10 March 2021

how to add DNS/TLS to your existing DNS server

Thu 18 February 2021

Apple M1 MBP micro-review

Wed 17 February 2021

users will learn things if they have motivation

Sun 17 January 2021

when did I start to expect good fonts?

Sun 04 October 2020

what software does a firewall run, anyway?

Fri 11 September 2020

quoting myself, part n+3

Thu 10 September 2020

last spinning boot disk replaced

Mon 07 September 2020

please focus your attention

Tue 04 August 2020

quote of the day entry n+1

Wed 15 July 2020

the internet is railways, not highways

Tue 16 June 2020

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