Posted on Wed 21 February 2018

revisiting Google Fi

This is the end of my second year as a Google Fi subscriber.

TL;DR: I’m keeping this service and I recommend it for people who are happy with the limited phone selection.

About a year ago, I wrote about Fi. This is the update.

Average price per month, exclusive of the phone: $30.24. This includes unlimited voice calls and texts, and data paid for at the rate of $10 per GB, accounted for at the megabyte level - one cent per megabyte.

I have not paid for a new phone in that time, but when I complained about battery life problems with my Nexus 6P, Google sent me a new Pixel XL for free. I do not expect an offer like that to be repeated, but I also don’t expect a phone to die of battery problems when it’s just over a year old.

  • two years of service: $725.84
  • phone: $700

The cheap phone option right now is the Moto One X4, which is $250. It appears to be a perfectly good phone.

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