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prediction scoring

Thu 14 December 2023

In May of 2022, I made a few predictions about US politics

Here’s the meat:

 Assuming that the opinion is issued substantially as-is, I will make some predictions about 2023.
 ‘Red’ states will pass laws restricting basic civil rights...  
 Corporations that rely on high-skill workers will not be able to hire them in those states.
    Those corporations will move out of the red states.

predictions for 2023

Tue 03 May 2022

kitchen philosophy

Sat 04 August 2018

the cost of GPL is not in dollars

Wed 28 February 2018

neutral restructuring

Thu 23 November 2017

the courage of convictions: competition

Thu 10 August 2017

a general solution to a general problem

Mon 10 July 2017

civic failure modes

Sat 24 June 2017

towards a sustainable software policy

Sun 11 June 2017

the small print is never in your favor

Fri 23 October 2015

Let us suppose that you, like approximately 1 75% of the US population, have a cellphone. And let us suppose that you use one of the big 4 wireless companies, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. VZW is expensive but has the most geographical coverage. T is a little less expensive and has almost as good coverage. SPR and TMO have good urban coverage, good highway coverage, not necessarily so great in rural areas, and are usually cheaper or have other compelling reasons for you to use them.

how is a tech recruiter different from a used car salesman?

Mon 05 October 2015

non-lethal anti-drone defenses

Fri 11 September 2015

political correctness

Tue 17 February 2015

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