750 chars: security re-org

Fri 22 September 2023

words about my mother

Tue 05 September 2023

house network 2023

Fri 18 August 2023

learning opportunity: LLM

Fri 18 August 2023

one of the one true ways of ops

Wed 26 July 2023

quote of note n=11: copyright

Mon 10 July 2023

desktop audio update

Sun 09 July 2023

sacrificial jacks

Wed 28 June 2023

memorializing a prediction

Sun 11 June 2023

how did dial-up ISPs work?

Fri 09 June 2023

koreader is not perfect, but it is very good

Thu 08 June 2023

koreader is an open source ebook reader application originally designed to replace the firmware on Kobo E-Ink reading tablets, and then ported to run on Amazon Kindle, Android, PocketBook, and Remarkable devices. Under Android it runs as a normal application. It also runs as an application in Linux and (reportedly) in MacOS. It reads basically all non-DRM book formats. It is highly configurable and featureful, though not infinitely so.

If you have an OPDS-speaking book server, it can search and download from that. If you want to run a tiny sync server for keeping track of which page you are on across multiple koreaders, that’s pretty easy.

If it ran smoothly on MacOS and I could get it to work on my semi-antiquated Chromebook, it would be even closer to perfect. Sadly, it doesn’t – yet.


considerations for ebook reader interfaces

Tue 06 June 2023

minimal due diligence

Wed 10 May 2023

models of language vs models of reality

Mon 20 March 2023

quote of note - history of WWW tools

Tue 07 March 2023

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